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Book a hearing evaluation and consultation with our doctor of audiology and let us help you improve your hearing today.

Hearing Care Services

Hearing Loss Examination


A comprehensive, professional hearing exam includes:

  • Otoscopic exam:  This is a visual inspection of the ear, ear canal, and eardrum.

  • Air conduction testing: Tones are presented to each ear, at different volumes, to check your hearing sensitivity.

  • Bone conduction testing: To check the function of your outer and middle ear.

  • Speech reception threshold:  This tests the lowest level of speech you can accurately hear.

  • Speech recognition ability:  This measures your ability to recognize words.

  • Speech recognition in the presence of noise:  This tests your ability to repeat sentences paired with different levels of background noise.


Other services include;


Middle Ear Examination

These tests evaluate the middle ear system. They help determine type of hearing loss and if a referral to a physician is necessary.

Auditory Training

We can help you with "hearing exercise programs" that improve your listening skills, with or without hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Demonstration

This is a great opportunity to “test drive” hearing aids and experience the amazing difference hearing aid technology can make. Bring someone whose voice you are accustomed to hearing  with you.

Hearing Aid Fitting

In this precise process, we custom program the hearing aids to maximize your benefit. During this process  a microphone in your ear measures sound levels at all pitches to define the benefit you are receiving. You can actually see how you hear. A fitting also includes instruction for caring  and maintening your hearing devices—and free follow-up fittings and instruction for the life of your hearing aids.

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